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Advanced Game Boy: 256 Nanoloop 2 sounds (WAV/OP-Z)

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Not many people know that Nanoloop 2 is an amazing sound design tool. It can go far beyond typical "chiptune" sounds, from softer, sinewave based sounds to extremely harsh FM and noise.

I've worked with Nanoloop 2 more than any of my other gear, so have searched through my save files and picked some of the best sounds I've created with it. In addition, I've made over 100 sounds exclusively for this pack, including some longer textures for shaping using your sampler of choice.

This pack includes 256 unique sounds in WAV format:

- 13 kicks
- 39 snares
- 32 percussion sounds
- 65 basses
- 28 leads
- 31 chords
- 22 sound effects
- 26 textural/noise sounds

plus 6 OP-Z format kits, assembled from the percussive and textural sounds.

I've also included the four patterns from the demo video, for use in the Model:Samples.

Original WAVs are provided in both mono and stereo. The mono files are suitable for Model:Samples, Digitakt and any other sample sequencer that requires mono files.

Recorded using Nanoloop 2.8.2 on a DS Lite in GBA mode, for cleanest possible sound.

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Advanced Game Boy: 256 Nanoloop 2 sounds (WAV/OP-Z)

5 ratings
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